Marine Fenders / Hoses Hiring

We stock and offer various marine fenders for hire such as Tug and Workboat fenders, Ionomer foam fenders and Extruded Rubber fenders. Marine fenders play crucial part in impact protection during ship to ship transfer operations, trans-shipment, berthing or cargo transfer at sea. Marine fender is a cost saving and significant venture in this day and age shipping business.

DMS stocks large numbers of these marine fenders which are always made available at the shortest notice, we can meet all your marine fenders needs in any part of the world, be it single fender elements or complete fender systems. DMS hires out the full range of fender systems from small marina fenders to large vessels fender systems

Available to hire in large quantities include : 1.5m by 3.3m, 2.5m by 5.5m, 3.3m by 6.5m, 4.5m by 9.0m.

We also hire out marine fuel hoses with various thickness, compound formulations, flexibility and bend radius between 6 inches and 12 inches in diameter. Our hoses are very resistant to permeation, fire, heat cold, abrasion, aging, ozone, kinking etc. These hoses are available at the shortest notice and at very competitive prices.